Five Ways To Improve Your Cover Letter

I've been in a few interviews where I’ve heard that my cover letter stood out  (a subtle brag.) Nevertheless, I still dread writing and editing cover letters as much as anybody else. The following are 5 crucial tips to help your cover letter grab attention and ultimately aid in scoring that interview:     Personalize... Continue Reading →


How To Figure Out What You’re Good At Naturally

This post comes from an article titled, "3 Ways to Figure Out What You're Great At and Leverage It More Powerfully" written by Kathy Caprino. I really wanted to highlight one part of the article that I found beneficial.  Although she tailored her article to focus on careers, the questions she provided can be applied... Continue Reading →

Ways To Improve Your Focus

My attention span is increasingly becoming awful, so needless to say sitting at a desk for 40+ hours is no easy task. If you relate to this struggle, don’t worry because the average human attention span is 8 seconds. To add insult to injury most healthy adults are unable to focus on one thing for... Continue Reading →

10 Thoughtful Interview Questions

If you're anything like me, you hate interviews. I’m slightly awkward and generally an introvert so they take a lot of energy out of me. With that said, unfortunately they are a necessary part of landing a job. The better you do at interviews, the quicker you get hired so might as well knock them... Continue Reading →

Email Etiquette Made Easy

I’ve learned so much about email etiquette from sending my own mistakes as well as from being on the receiving end. A couple years ago, I was contacted for an interview via email that I declined due to all the grammatical errors; as I didn’t want to work for a company that was too lazy... Continue Reading →

Five Entry-Level Mistakes

From human resource courses, four internships and two entry-level positions I like to think I’ve acquired some knowledge on entry-level work. I learned the hard way but if you’re reading this I’d love to share my experience so at least one reader can benefit from my mistakes. Not Negotiating Your Salary - I want to... Continue Reading →

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