Simple Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

Spring cleaning is a great way to clean and improve our homes and offices but also a great time to spring clean your life and mind.  In the words of a woman I deeply admire, Oprah Winfrey said we should, “say good riddance to decisions that don’t support self-care, self-value and self-worth.” The following are some tips that I recommend:


  1.  Get rid of anything that doesn’t enhance who you really are. Organizational expert Peter Walsh says in his book Enough Already, “that our homes are overwhelmed with stuff and our lives littered with the empty promises that the stuff didn’t fulfill. In buying what we want, we hope to acquire the life we desire but chasing the life you want by accumulating more stuff is a dead-end street.”
  2.  Get rid of clothes, linens, shoes, accessories that you don’t need anymore. If you haven’t worn or used the item in over a year you probably do not need it. This is a great chance to donate to a charity or sell the items and make a few bucks.
  3.   Clean under your bed and/or any “junk drawers” you may have.
  4. .Clean out your desk space. Try and digitize hard copies of documents and attempt to have a minimal style workplace.
  5. . Delete apps on your phone you don’t use and photos you no longer want.
  6.  Unsubscribe to emails.
  7.  Clean your keyboards, laptops, phone with a non-toxic cleaner.
  8.  Focus on the present and forgive your past.
  9. Schedule time for whatever it is that makes you feel your best. Whether it is a mani/pedi, hair appointment, wax, facial,message, etc.
  10.  Clean up your daily routine. If there are any parts of your daily routine that you don’t need to do yourself, eliminate it and replace it with something that brings you joy.
  11.  Cut out anyone that makes you doubt or feel bad about yourself. Once you cut these people out it’s a lot easier to focus on the friendships that actually make you happy.
  12.  Revamp your fitness routine. If you feel that you are in a rut, now is a great time to research new routines or try a new workout class.
  13.  Check in on career goals. Take a moment and reflect on your previous career goals and identify if you are any closer to achieving those. If you are not, now is a great time to develop a plan to get you closer to achieving those goals.

Happy Spring Cleaning 


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