Top 15 Life Hacks

I’m all about finding the simplest, most efficient way to do anything.  So the following are fifteen life hacks that have saved me time and effort and can hopefully benefit you.

  1. Leave your online shopping carts open for 24 hours and the company will usually email you a discount (my favorite hack.)
  2. Use wine bottles to store boots upright. I hate when my over the knee boots slouch so I’ll stick a wine bottle in the boot to keep it standing straight.
  3. Organize your drawers with shoe boxes. This also helps minimize the amount of products and items you leave on counters.
  4. Spray your bobby pins with hairspray to prevent dealing with them all day or night.
  5. If moving, you can easily transport your clothes with a trash bag   Image result for move clothes with trash bag
  6. Hair conditioner can be used as shaving cream.
  7. There’s an app for everything, so whatever you want to try…find the app. I  just downloaded an app to improve yoga poses and I don’t even do yoga yet lol.
  8. Ebates gives you cash back when you shop online and there’s no scam. The site is a shopping portal that offers cash back from over 2,000 retailers. If you join and spend at least $25 and use my code you’ll get $10. If you don’t use my code that is cool too but you should still join. My code is: Ebates $10 code
  9. Vaseline is more than a good moisturizer, it’s also a great chap stick, tames hair flyaway and can make your teeth appear whiter.
  10. Use duct tape to open tough lids Image result for Use duct tape to open jar
  11. You can diminish deodorant stains by rubbing the material together.
  12. Apple Cider Vinegar has many health benefits but if applied to your skin you can eliminate a pimple within 24 hours.
  13. Baking soda will make your laundry brighter but can also remove stains from your painted walls.
  14. A tie hanger can also help to save space when hanging your tank tops and bodysuits.Image result for tie hanger for tank tops
  15. If you don’t have speakers you can place your phone in a cup and the music will be louder.


As always, I hope this advice can help at least one person :). Feel free to share your favorite hacks in the comments so I can learn something new.

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