How To Figure Out What You’re Good At Naturally

This post comes from an article titled, “3 Ways to Figure Out What You’re Great At and Leverage It More Powerfully” written by Kathy Caprino. I really wanted to highlight one part of the article that I found beneficial.  Although she tailored her article to focus on careers, the questions she provided can be applied to most facets of your life.   After I read the questions below, I chose to write my answers down so I could really get an idea of how my ideas co-align and to see if there were any overarching themes.

Caprino starts by emphasizing that if you’ve never had a job you sincerely enjoyed, it is critical to understand why so that you are able to take an alternate course of action and thus, “don’t repeat the misery and waste precious time.”

The 8 questions were:

  1. What exactly have I disliked about my jobs?


  1. Was my unhappiness in these jobs related to the culture, leadership or management, or was it about the fit of the role to my skills and interests?


  1. Why did I stay in a job I hated?


  1. Looking back before I had these negative job experiences, what is clear about the skills and talents I DO have? What did it feel like when I used those talents that I enjoy?


  1. Where might I be able to apply these skills in a more rewarding experience?


  1. What types of organizations, fields, and areas truly interest me? Where do I want to make a difference?


  1. What’s the legacy I want to leave behind when I die? What do I want to have said, done, and contributed to leave my mark?


  1. How can I get on the path (and what different actions can I take) to building that legacy now?


If you are anything like me, these questions helped identify why I believed most of my past positions to be mediocre at best. In addition to helping plan for future success. 

Thanks for reading,


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