An Abundance Mindset

The main message in most of the spiritual books I’ve read is the power of an individual’s mind. Basically, if you are clear in your wants and desires the Universe will manifest it. I know this whole concept is “new-agey” and a lot of people feel it’s junk, but there is research that delves into quantum physics that demonstrate the world we have is the world we create.

Rather than an abundance mentality, it seems like more of us have a scarcity mentality. The scarcity mentality is the voice in your head, or even advertisements that tell you there is a lack, good opportunities are rare, and if you have (insert whatever object) you will be happier. However, when you change to and adopt an abundance mindset it helps obtain the goals you wish; whether it is your career, health, family, relationships etc.

An Abundance Mindset Is:

An abundant mindset is based on the belief that there is more than enough of everything to go around – for everyone.” – Unknown

How to get an Abundance Mindset:

  1. Focus on the possibilities; not limitations – What you determine to focus on is what will happen. When you frequently focus on something, eventually choices will pop up and you will naturally pick the choice that benefits whatever it is you are focusing on. There is so much going on in this crazy world; but when you really focus your mind it’s crazy to see the opportunities, quotes, etc that can apply to your current thought process to either reaffirm or enhance.
  2. Appreciate – When you are constantly setting goals and continuously striving to improve it is easy to forget to appreciate what you do have. Someone is praying for what you have now so be grateful for what you do have. When you appreciate it is easier to get into an abundance mood and be more open and receptive.
  3. Change What and Who you consume (AKA Unfollow) – Change your input to change your mentality. This comes down to TV shows, music and social media. I stopped watching ratchet reality TV shows full of drama, cut back on certain artists who didn’t have a real message and unfollowed social media accounts that were negative or caused me to become bitter. Basically if it doesn’t inspire, inform or comfort it can be eliminated.
  4. Reflect and Remind – You can escape a scarcity mindset by reflecting and reminding yourself of past achievements. Chances are you’ve come a long way from where you used to be; so remind yourself of where you started and remember that the success and progress can and will happen again.
  5. Positive Affirmations –  If you are unfamiliar, positive affirmations are statements that help keep your mind positive and overcome negative, self-sabotaging facts. Some people write positive affirmations on sticky notes but I just keep them in a journal and read them as often as I can remember. Ultimately, when you say these affirmations enough you begin to believe them and hence help make positive changes to your life. Seeing words and quotes that remind you of where you want to be help in adopting a more positive mindset and fostering growth.

Eunoia: Beautiful thinking; a well mind

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