The Why Behind My Blog

I realize I never posted a “My First Blog Post” or anything explaining my reasoning for creating The Subtle Art of Post Grad. Before continuing my normal posts I want to share the backstory on how I got here.

As a warning, I’m probably going to sound like a brat the first couple of sentences but before you roll your eyes just wait a little. I was fortunate to have a relatively easy four year college experience. I genuinely always enjoyed school so coursework was not a stress or task that I minded. The summer following graduation I moved to a different city, signed a lease and started a job that was within my major. I felt like I hit the holy grail but it took less than a month to realize: I was lonely, I couldn’t afford my rent and my job sucked.

I moved really suddenly so only my mom was able to help me move; which consisted of lending her SUV and begrudgingly sitting in the front seat complaining she is too old for shit like this. Not much could fit in her SUV so I was sleeping on an air mattress in a bare apartment and within a week at my small agency job I’m like, “WELL THIS SHIT SUCKS.” On top of the tasks being menial; I had even more restrictions and less responsibility than at previous internships. One of my responsibilities was answering phones; which meant informing a coworker when I would step away from my desk (yes, the restroom counts).  They even went as far as having me travel 45 minutes away to drop off food in the snow for a client. I was also grossly underpaid considering I was living in one of the most expensive cities in the country. In short, I was miserable and really didn’t know much about the real world. I found myself crying in my job’s bathroom stalls quite frequently so needless to say it was only eight months before I bounced.

High School and college taught me a lot about unnecessary formulas, lab reports and literature that have escaped my memory. In my opinion, school failed to teach me the important aspects of life such as: credit, budgeting, mental health, quick meal prep ideas,  interview techniques, balancing work/life and so on. With books, articles, Ted Talks, trial and error, and overall time…I think I’m starting to figure this “adulting” life out.

Which brings me here, if I had access to some of this information beforehand maybe I wouldn’t have made the same mistakes or been as miserable. So essentially, I created this space to share what I have learned in hopes that it helps someone improve any aspect of their life.

Welcome to the Subtle Art of Post Grad 🙂

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  1. Well done for this blog and acknowledging it’s hard to transition to work from college (uni here). You should be very proud that you realise you can do something about it and have resilience. My recent experience is that “the younger” (I know that sounds bad) generation have lost this resilience and expect quite a lot in their first job. So if it’s not what they expected, or a little harder than anticipated, they blame everyone else rather than asking “what can I do to change this”. Yes, our education system fails in many ways in teaching us the practical life skills, but we also need to realise we can teach ourselves. Keep moving forward and keep learning and you will do spectacularly.

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