Something About Self-Care


A couple years ago I was basically miserable. I had just graduated college and moved to a new city away from family and friends where I was underpaid and hated my job. After some research, I began trying different methods to improve physically, mentally and spiritually.  It is important to note that self-care is different for everyone but I’m just sharing what has helped me.

  • If you know you won’t care about it in two years, don’t worry about it.
  • If you don’t like something you can either accept it, or change it. The choice is yours.
  • Decorate your surroundings. If you are going to be spending a lot of time in one place make sure it is aesthetically pleasing to your taste.
  • Tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar work wonders on your skin.
  • Write down your goals and set a time you want them to be achieved by.
  • Make time for the people and things that you love. You never know what’ll happen.
  • Give compliments. I used to give compliments in my head but would never express them to the individual which is kind of pointless. You never know, you could be making that person’s day.
  • Find a workout you actually like. The gym can get boring so switch it up with classes such as cycling, yoga, kickboxing etc.
  • Save your money. I can only speak for myself but monitoring my savings account and seeing it grow can usually put a smile to my face.
  • The present moment is the most important thing.
  • At the same time, plan an event in the future so you have something to look forward to.
  • Use a silk pillowcase. It’s better for your skin and hair and also feels amazing.
  • Stop comparing, just do better.
  • Take a walk outside.
  • Spend time with a pet (if you like animals).
  • Always make sure you are improving. Whether it be professionally, mentally or physically.
  • Find something that relaxes you and try to do it every day. Personally, I read every morning on my commute and it helps start my day on a positive note.
  • Look into affirmations. They help with your confidence and reaching your goals.
  • For me, cleaning and/or organizing is a stress reliever and can temporarily make me feel like I have my life together. 
  • Drink as much green tea and water as you can.
  • Give and share what you can

Feel free to let me know any self-care tips you may have. 


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