What To Do When Stuck In A Slump

“This too shall pass”…My mom says this all the time as I even have it tattooed in her handwriting. Whether you are having good times or bad times they won’t last forever. So if you are in a slump the first step is to acknowledge the feeling and know you will get past it.

If you are anything like me, you have experienced this slump mood before and it will probably happen again. I think the key is to make sure you are always evolving; whether it be physically, spiritually or mentally. There is always room to improve in some aspect of your life, so you might as well start today.

Now, where to get this inspiration from? Personally, I find inspiration from reading, social media and stepping out of my comfort zone. I know a lot of people hate social media and tend to feel insecure from it. Yet, you should know there isn’t any benefit of being jealous or comparing; but you can view social media and realize areas you yourself can improve in. In essence, I say turn that envy into inspiration. Whoever you are looking and admiring is solely another human being just like you.  

Once I have the idea in my head, the next step is to write the goals down and set a timeline. I like to break my goals down into smaller ones to make it more attainable for the long-term. I write these goals in a journal that I keep in my work bag so it is usually accessible and easy to refer back to.

At the end of the day, it is too easy to think nothing good is happening. If you are reading this you are already fortunate enough to have eyes that can see and the intellect to read. Corny as that is, just know there is always something to be grateful for. I truly believe what is meant for you is for you. Meaning, that if it is meant to happen it will so put some positive energy into the universe, pray and don’t stress too much about it.


“You have limited time left in your life, and what’s really not reasonable is to not enjoy life.” – Michael A. Singer




8 thoughts on “What To Do When Stuck In A Slump

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  1. what a fantastic way to reframe social media! it seems obvious to me now that our peers are the best people to learn from. great read!


  2. So very true! There’s always someone out there who appears to have it worse. Do you really have a tattoo in your mother’s handwriting? That is so sweet. And it’s a very good idea. Youre exactly right though, there is always room for improvement! I like your thinking. Keep up the good writing!


  3. I adore inspirational quotes on Pinterest. So like you, I find that I find inspiration to get up and moving on with my life through spending an hour (or maybe two) on pinterest pinning quotes until I work up enough motivation to get going! Great post!

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